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Aronia melanocarpa (lat.)

Аronia (chokeberry) fruit extract dry and thick

Mass fraction of moisture in the dry extract is not more than 10%.
The mass fraction of moisture in the thick extract is not more than 50%.
Mass fraction of insoluble substances in water not more than 5%.
The content of the chromogenic complex in the dry extract, not less than 30.0%.
Mass fraction of organic acids in the dry extract (in terms of malic acid), not less than 2.5%
Mass fraction of organic acids in the thick extract (in terms of malic), not less than 2.5%

Deciduous shrub. Used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases, in particular of the thyroid gland, hypertension, etc. For medicinal purposes use chokeberry fruits. Back in 1959, chokeberry juice was recommended by the Pharmaceutical Committee for the treatment of hypertension and atherosclerosis. Due to the content in the fruits of chokeberry a significant amount of biologically active substances, it is prescribed for various allergic diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, hemorrhoids, radiation injuries, weeping eczema, and also capillary lesions associated with the use of anticoagulants, arsenic compounds, salicylates. A useful property of the fruits of Aronia is the high content of iodine, so it is used in some diseases of the thyroid gland. The increased content of vitamins in the fruits of Aronia ensures its use in diseases of the circulatory system and digestion. The effectiveness of taking drugs derived from black chokeberry increases with simultaneous use with preparations from plants containing ascorbic acid (rosehip, black currant).

Chokeberry fruits contain up to 10% of sugars, as well as malic and other organic acids - 1.3%; pectic substances - 0.75%; tannins - 0.6%, ascorbic acid (vitamin Q - 15 mg /%, citrine (vitamin P) - 2000 mg /%, carotene - 2 mg /%, riboflavin - 0.13 mg /%, folic acid - 0 , 1 mg /%, nicotinic acid (vitamin PP) - 0.5 mg /%, vitamin E, tocopherols - 1.5 mg /%, phylloquinone - 0.8 mg /%, pyrodoxine - 0.06 mg /%, niacin - 0.3 mg /%, thiamine - 0.01 mg /%, as well as amygdalin, coumarins, rutin, quercetin, quercitrin, hesperidin, catechins, cyanidin and its glycosides, sorbitol, anthocyanins, flavonoids and other compounds. Among macro- and microelements, iron -1.2 mg per 100 g of pulp, manganese - 0.5 mg, iodine - 5-8 mg per 100 g, as well as salts of molybdenum, boron, manganese, and copper are highlighted.

Juice from fruits of chokeberry excites appetite, increases acidity and the digestive power of gastric juice. It keeps vitamins well and increases the body's defenses. Fresh fruits of chokeberry chokeberry and its juice also exhibit medicinal properties, significantly reducing blood pressure in hypertension, while in people with normal pressure, this action is usually not observed.

Product packaging meets the requirements of TR CU 005/2011. Dry extracts are packaged in a hermetically sealed 2-layer packs of 0,5 kg and 1 kg of a polyethylene film according to GOST 10354 or in bags according to GOST 12302. Thick extracts are packaged in jars made of polyethylene terephthalate according to GOST R 51760, bucket polymer according to GOST R 50962 and polyethylene tanks for a HUNDRED 98393681-001-2009 from 0.03 kg to 25 kg. Free samples are provided in a sealed package weighing up to 100 grams.