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Hippophae Rhamnoides (lat.)

Sea Buckthorn extract dry and thick

The mass fraction of moisture in the dry extract is not more than 10%
Mass fraction of moisture in the thick extract is not more than 50%
Mass fraction of insoluble substances in water not more than 5%
Mass fraction of tannins in dry extract (in terms of tannin), not less than 20,0%
Mass fraction of tannins in the thick extract (in terms of tannin), not less than 20,0%

Sea buckthorn is a shrub or tree with spines from the Loch family. Sea-buckthorn leaves are narrow and long, located alternately, green on top at small points, grayish-white or silver underneath, covered with scales. The flowers are small, of two types - male and female, located crowded on short spike-shaped inflorescences and appear before the leaves. Sea buckthorn blooms in April-May, the flowers are mainly pollinated by wind and insects. The fruit has a round or oblong shape, with juicy pulp of bright orange or yellow color. The berries are densely arranged on a branch, as if they stick around a twig.

Medicinal raw materials are all parts of the plant - fruits, seeds and leaves, young twigs, bark and roots. Berries are used for making sea buckthorn oil, juice, and for making decoctions, tinctures, tinctures they use roots, leaves, bark. Sea buckthorn harvesting is done when the fruits are ripe, when they accumulate the most oil. Fruit picking is done in dry weather. Fruits are cleared of twigs and leaves and frozen (frozen berries perfectly retain all their beneficial properties), or they prepare butter, juice from fruits. The leaves and twigs are harvested in June, as well as during the gathering of berries, they are dried, and then brewed as tea.

In nature, there is no other such berries, rich in valuable for our body compounds. The berries contain vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, E, F, P, K, folic acid, essential amino acids, tannins, flavonoids, carotene, minerals and many other useful elements. Sea buckthorn has a lot of oil, which is used to treat burns. Sea buckthorn is a medicinal plant and has long been used by man to eliminate various ailments, to treat many diseases. The healing and beneficial properties of sea buckthorn are used in official and traditional medicine, in homeopathy, in cosmetology, in cooking. From the fruits of sea buckthorn make juice, sea buckthorn oil, syrups, dietary supplements, tinctures, medicines, candles for the treatment of proctologic and gynecological diseases. Traditional healers use for the treatment not only fruits, but leaves and branches, roots, bark, seeds of plants, from which tincture is prepared, decoctions, infusions, oil, juice. Sea buckthorn has anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antiseptic, analgesic, anti-atherosclerotic, multivitamin, laxative effects on the human body.

Product packaging meets the requirements of TR CU 005/2011. Dry extracts are packaged in a hermetically sealed 2-layer packs of 0,5 kg and 1 kg of a polyethylene film according to GOST 10354 or in bags according to GOST 12302. Thick extracts are packaged in jars made of polyethylene terephthalate according to GOST R 51760, bucket polymer according to GOST R 50962 and polyethylene tanks for a HUNDRED 98393681-001-2009 from 0.03 kg to 25 kg. Free samples are provided in a sealed package weighing up to 100 grams.