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Helichrysum (lat.)

The extract of Immortelle (flower)

This plant is extremely rich of various natural components which, in turn, have therapeutic effect on the body. Among them:
• essential oil stearine;
• flavonoids; tannins;
• pigments, resins and bitterness;
• vitamins C and K,
• polysaccharides;
• minerals
• ascorbic acid;
• trace elements
• mineral salts (potassium, sodium, magnesium).

Practice proved his choleretic, spasmolytic, wound-healing and diuretic properties. Even scientific medicine has officially recognized its value. Herbs are added to various plant doses, which are recommended for inflammatory processes of the gallbladder. The presence of useful components in the composition causes the use of yellow inflorescences. The complex reception of the drug favorably affects the tone of the gallbladder and helps a better outflow of secretions. Flowers of the immortelle are included in the diuretic drinks.

Infusions and decoctions beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa, causing irritation. They stimulate appetite, promote better digestion and stimulate the secretion of the gland. The herb helps in the output of harmful cholesterol and increase pressure for hypotension. Substance arenarin contained in the composition of the plant has antibacterial action, so it can be used as a disinfectant. And essential oil is widely applied in cosmetics, it is added to baths, used during massage, and adds to the aroma and creams.

Product packaging meets the requirements of TR CU 005/2011. Dry extracts are packaged in a hermetically sealed 2-layer packs of 0,5 kg and 1 kg of a polyethylene film according to GOST 10354 or in bags according to GOST 12302. Thick extracts are packaged in jars made of polyethylene terephthalate according to GOST R 51760, bucket polymer according to GOST R 50962 and polyethylene tanks for a HUNDRED 98393681-001-2009 from 0.03 kg to 25 kg. Free samples are provided in a sealed package weighing up to 100 grams.